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Altun Ha


Reverse Bi-Colors were once the unicorns of daffodils . But over the late 20th century more and more were introduced, from the fabulous jonquil Pipit to Lemon Silk. Since its introduction,  Altun Ha has maintained a mythical reputation, it makes a uniquely colored perfectly rounded bloom. A consistent performer that makes blooms of great quality.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 2 YYW-W Large-Cupped
Breeder A.J.R. (John) Pearson
Year of Introduction 1987
Bloom time Mid-Late
Height Standard
Southern Zone Limit 7b / 8a

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A robust and dependable reverse bi-color with a well rounded perianth. A daughter of Camelot, Ava..


Tags: Large Cupped, For Breeding Programs, For the South, For The Bench, Reverse Bi-Color