• Brooke Ager

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Brooke Ager

2 W-P

Brooke Ager creates a lot of love and excitement wherever she goes. An intermediate, a dwarf and a large cup, she stands out with a substantial and rich pink cup. There is some echo of the cup color into the petals. Brings a bright and attractive contrast to the rockery and close up beds.

The rich colored cup along with a trim rounded perianth and stylish anthers makes her a show bench natural.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 2 W-P Large-cupped
Breeder Hybridizer:Sidney DuBose Stockton, California, USA Sidney DuBose
Year of Introduction 1997
Bloom time Mid
Height Dwarf
Southern Zone Limit 7b/8a
Perianth Color white with slight suffusion of pink
Corona Color deep pink rose

Tags: Large Cupped, All Daffodils, Mid Bloomers, For the South, For The Bench, Pink Cups