• Duchess Of Westminster

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Duchess Of Westminster

2 W-W

A very old white on white large cup, the Duchess of Westminster is a bit of a plain Jane by modern standards, but retains all of her 19th century to-the-manor-born-country-girl charm. The old gal opens white yellow but matures to swan white. A rare Billy Backhouse cultivar.

Our family sometime plays a visit-to-the-museum game. Each player makes a note of the oldest item on display that they can find. The earliest recorded date wins, whether trilobite, mummy, map, kouros, fresco or plate. If you have The Duchess of Westminister in your garden you can easily win this game.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 2 W-W
Bloom time Mid-Late
Height Standard
Breeder William Backhouse
Year of Introduction pre-1869
Southern Zone Limit 7b

Tags: Large Cupped, Historics, For the Border, All White, For the South