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A beautiful bloom named after a hummingbird by Grant Mitsch. Woodstar is a late blooming reverse bi-color triandrus and the fledgling of two feral parents - N. triandrus subsp. triandrus var. Triandrus and N.jonquilla.

Woodstar seems to be entered in almost every daffodil show with good reason. Bright in the spring garden it mimics the grace of the leucojum yet to come. Makes up to three blooms per scape. ADS Miniature.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 5 Y-YWW
Perianth Color lemon yellow
Corona Color whitish, lemon yellow at base
Bloom time Late
Height Dwarf
Breeder Grant E. Mitsch
Year of Introduction 1984

Tags: Triandrus, All Daffodils, Miniatures, Late Bloomers, Grant E. Mitsch, Reverse Bi-Color