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Dainty Miss


Dainty Miss is a siren's song in the garden. An all-white jonquil she goes it alone, only one two-inch perfectly appointed, dainty-cupped flower per stem please. Wanting a chorus of Dainty Miss for your garden is only natural. Compelling. Benchable. 

Miss Dainty is an ADS Classic, Wister Award winner, a mid century spell of Grant Mitsch witchcraft.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 7 W-GWW
Breeder Grant E. Mitsch
Year of Introduction 1966
Bloom time Mid-Late
Height Dwarf
Southern Zone Limit 7a
Perianth Color glistening white
Corona Color glistening white

Tags: Jonquilla, All Daffodils, Late Bloomers, Grant E. Mitsch, All White, For the South