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There are so many large and bright large cups from the early 20th century (pre-quarantine days) that shine in the border and the landscape : Bernardino, Bodilly, Carbineer, Croesus, Dunkeld, Frank Miles, Red DevonSemper Avanti. They all bring a full-sized simply joy to the garden.

Daffodil Damson is maybe more colorful than most and hard to overlook. A tall and handsome marathoner. Historic. Pollen and seed fertile.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 2 WWY-R
Breeder Percival D. Williams
Year of Introduction pre-1925
Bloom time Mid
Height Tall
Southern Zone Limit 7b
Perianth Color primrose yellow becoming creamy white
Corona Color red

Tags: Large Cupped, Historics, All Daffodils, Percival D. Williams, For the South