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Joni Mitchell has always been our favorite dulcimer player for reasons not limited to musicianship. But daffodil Dulcimer predates Joni by a half century. A very late and large poeticus, Dulcimer's sharp green-yellow-orange cup and promiscuous anthers make a truly heart-achingly beautiful bloom.

After all of the other daffodils in your garden have faded you can happily pluck Dulcimer and sing "Cary get out your cane". Pollen and seed fertile. 

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 9 W-GYO
Breeder Rev. G.H. Engleheart
Year of Introduction pre-1913
Bloom time Very Late
Height Standard
Southern Zone Limit 7b

Tags: Poeticus, Historics, Late Bloomers, Rev. G.H. Engleheart, For the South