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1 W-W

Honey I shrunk the Trumpets! Alec Gray focused his miniaturization beam on most every division of daffodil. Elka is a perfectly formed white tiny-trumpet that will inspire a lot of bending and craning. She opens yellow but matures to all white.

Elka is equally at home in the rockery or on the show bench program. Used in England for pot culture. Named for some daffodil ladies named Elizabeth and Kate. ADS miniature.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division Trumpet 1 W-W
Breeder Alec Gray
Year of Introduction 1989
Bloom time Very Early
Height Dwarf
Southern Zone Limit 7b7a

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Tags: Trumpets, Miniatures, Early Bloomers, Alec Gray, All White, For the South, For The Bench