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Gay Kybo

4 W-O

Normally we abhor superlatives but we are quite okay with calling Gay Kybo one of the most beautiful flowers ever. Deep and lush white petals evenly articulated with deep orange corona bits. Stunning in any garden and a big beauty on the show bench. Organized and substantial petals that mature white.

Gay Kybo is part of a larger series : Gay Challenger, Gay Time, Gay Song, that are all beautiful and now mostly gone from the trade. If you are able to find any of the Gays, you should acquire them for your garden.

Gay Kybo is rumored to be a rescued discard and named after a (winning) race horse. 

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 4 W-O
Breeder Helen K. (Nell) Richardson
Year of Introduction 1980
Bloom time Mid
Height Standard
Perianth Color white
Corona Color strong orange

Tags: Doubles, All Daffodils, Mid Bloomers, For The Bench