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High Society


The first time we pulled this daffodil from a bucket of cuts we said “Really?” So the bulbs we didn't sell ended up at our house. And were we wrong - a great landscape daffodil that couldn’t make it in the landscape trade. But what a grower. What a tall sophisticated drink of cool water.

High Society has picked up and moved to the show bench where she can wink her pink-rimmed green eye at the movers and shakers. One of the very best.

Perfectly named: tall in the landscape and puts off a lot of blooming blades.

Makes a big bulb. Increases. Not much to burn.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 2 W-GWP
Breeder Brian S. Duncan
Year of Introduction 1979
Bloom time Mid-Late
Height Tall
Southern Zone Limit 7b/a8
Perianth Color white
Corona Color white aging to lemon yellow, with green at base and deep rose pink at rim

Tags: Large Cupped, All Daffodils, Late Bloomers, Brian S. Duncan, For the South