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Laurens Koster

8 W-Y

A lot of the daffodils that we know as tazettas are tazettas that were crossed with Ornatus or another Poeticus. Tazettas were very popular in the Netherlands, the UK and the US in the 19th and early 20th century. They were widely grown in the States for the cut flower market. There was a lot of breeding to make the tazettas more cold-tolerant and more manageable.

Laurens Koster is one of those poetaz daffodils who achieved a lot of fame. Still in the trade he has been largely replaced by n.Geranium.

Equally fabulous in the garden, vase, pot or show bench, Laurens is showy, floriferous, frilly, colorful and fragrant. Tall and late blooming, a reliable grower and increaser in the south. A truly great cultivar. Historic.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 8 W-Y
Breeder Albert Vis
Year of Introduction pre-1906
Bloom time Mid
Height Standard
Southern Zone Limit 8a
Perianth Color creamy white
Corona Color bright orange-yellow

Tags: Tazetta, Historics, All Daffodils, Fragrant, Staff Favorites, Mid Bloomers, For the South