• Merlin

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An enchanting ring of fire set in broad white petals, Merlin has cast a spell in the commercial trade for a long time. Looks like he may be headed for the retired magician’s union home, but will be happy in any muggle’s spring border. Benchable. Merlin is also a libidinous character with many progeny. Pollen and pod fertile. ADS Classics. ADS Intermediates.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 3 W-YYR
Breeder J. Lionel Richardson
Year of Introduction 1956
Bloom time Mid-Late
Height Standard
Southern Zone Limit 7a
Perianth Color white, tinged green at base
Corona Color brilliant yellow with orange-red at rim

Tags: Small Cupped, All Daffodils, Late Bloomers, J. Lionel Richardson, For the South, For The Bench