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1 Y-Y

Roundita has a claim to novel even though she is 20 year old. What's novel in Daffodils ? By the time a single cross has been selected, identified, trialed, approved and named a decade has passed. By the time we have seen it in bloom in our gardens two decades have passed. By definition any daffodil that elevates itself to market is a good one.

Roundita caught us napping, out of nowhere she turned out to be our best seller. Statuesque, upward facing miniature trumpet that combines the best of a Tenby with a hybridizer’s knowledgeable nudgy-nudge. Super cultivar with the bright faced-spirit of an adolescent.

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Daffodil Specifics
Division 1 Y-Y
Breeder Leone Y. Low
Year of Introduction 1998
Bloom time Early-Mid
Height Dwarf
Perianth Color yellow
Corona Color yellow

Tags: Trumpets, All Daffodils, Miniatures, Early Bloomers