CarlosVanDerVeekChristopher Harley

Carlos van der Veek was born amongst the daffodils. His father, a renowned daffodil hybridizer, Karel van der Veek, began collecting specialty daffodils. Carlos later continued to add to the collection, which today contains over 2,000 varieties. He is described as a “walking encyclopedia” of daffodils. He co-founded Fluwel in 2007, which specializes in bringing beautiful bulbs to markets across the world.

Christopher Harley is a 20 year veteran of the bulb industry. From meeting with growers, hybridizers, designers and planters , to finding the perfect catalogue shot, he has been involved in the business and beauty of daffodils. He is a cut flower grower and a member of the American Daffodil Society, and has an immense knowledge of modern and antique cultivars.

Jaqueline in de Pakhuis
The Spring Bunch
Carlos and Harley
Daffodil Nursery
Laying out Winter Cover
Bouquet of Mixed MIniatures
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