April 12, 2022

Taxonomy and the naming of wild things

Selections of species : Piccolini and Chiquitita . 

We manage a lot of daffodils and are therefore naturally obsessive about labeling. Without identification any instance of a cultivar has little commercial value and poses an existential threat to one’s reputation. 

Two species that we offer have recently been designated and registered with the RHS as named selections – we now list our selection of N.asturiensis, Section pseudonarcissus  as Picciolini and our selection of  N. fernandesii var. Fernandesii  as Chiquitita . Two of our BFFs. You will be able to find these daffodils bulbs under both the species and selection names using our site search or a google/bing search. These daffs have been moved to divisions 1 and 7, repectively. 

 Piccolini photo is from this morning, Chiquitita photo from 2021. In this season the jonquillas and tazettas are going to collide with Mother's day nicely.

Gloucester, Virginia Daffodil Festival 2022

The Royal Float, Gloucester Daffodil  Festival

For many reasons, historical, horticultural and economic, Gloucester, Virginia is a hotbed of narcissus culture. The current reigning Queen of Daffodils,  Miss Herman, was coronated in 2019, and due to the corona pandemic her reign was extended until today, making her the longest serving monarch in all of Daffodilianism. Previously her sister was crowned, making them first sisters to succeed to the daffy throne.  Reigning Queen is wearing green, the new Princess in lilac. Saturday, April 2, 2022.

  Miss Herman’s well-worth-watching gracious address to us hoi-poli, from 2019,  is posted here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3668782816496198

Reverse Bi Colors

Gloucester Show - Peggy Bowditch,  Maroon Ribbon - Reverse Bi Colors 

 Left to right : Lighthouse Reef 1 YYW-WWY, Stann Creek 1 YYW-WWY, Sargeant's Caye YYW-WWY, Lemon Goal 1 YYW-WWY, Altun Ha 2 YYW-W.

Inspired by this, we recently added a reverse bi-color category to our site here : https://www.qdaffs.us/reverse-bi-colors 

Daffodil Mural, Gloucester
Fresh picked Daffodils for sale

Left - Some public art is controversial, but everyone agrees on Daffodils. Right - Best flowers besides those in  the exhibition hall at the Baptist church. A handbook on daffs to grow for cut: Flower Record, Pink Charm, Ice Follies, Tahiti, Thalia and perhaps Pipit and Golden Echo. Regrets on not purchasing the daffodil bench...

U Pick Daffodil Fields at Halfinger Farms
Historical Picnic

Weeks of cold March weather have conspired to delay the daffodil season here in New England. A visit to the horticultural powerhouse that is Halfinger Farms in Higganum, Connecticut revealed both early bloomers and the other kind of bloomers on living history day at the U-pick fields.

 I am fairly sure this variety is n.Tamara, 2 Y-Y, which I had never seen before. Super early and looks out of central casting. Grown in great numbers.

Updated List 

 For those of you who like to keep records of which daffodils are available for sale in the States and when,  we recently updated our 2022 list with additions. Links to current  .pdf and .xls versions can be found in the footer of our website. https://www.qdaffs.us/

Daffodil Sissy
Daffodil Sissy in Pot culture

Sissy, 6 Y-Y , is a sassy Ron Scamp cyclamineus with a beautiful form & symmetry. Elevated for a dwarf narcissus. We have taken a real liking to Sissy, even more so over the years.

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Thanks for reading. 

C.W. Harley Huntington, CT. 04/11/2022

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