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Narcissus Ornatus
Poet Hellenicus
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Poeticus, poetica, poeticum. 

The poeticus division has some absolutes: always a white perianth, always small cupped, always with a lipstick rim on the corona. Yet there is great variation in the division, and as we learned from attending daffodils shows this spring, there is a great distinction to each cultivar. We offer eight varieties from the division. Occurring in France, through Austria and into  the Chalkidiki and the Peloponnese peninsulas, the poets are named for the Greek poets of Antiquity who wrote about them. Blooms late, smells great.

Echo & Narcissus

The moment Echo saw Narcissus

 She was in love. She followed him

 Like a starving wolf. 

Following a stag too strong to be tackled.

And like  a cat in winter at a fire

She could not edge close enough

To what singed her, and would burn her. 

She almost burst  

With longing to call out to him and somehow

 Let him know what she felt.

 But she had to wait

 For some other to speak

 So she could snatch their last words

 With whatever sense they might lend her. 

Tales of Ovid , Ted Hughes

Fresh Artwork 

Here's some fresh spring artwork for daffodils that previously had no mugshot at all in the catalog, or deserved a second take. The class of '22 was a handsome bunch with a bright future. These pictures were made entirely in natural light, if you are interested in that kind of thing.

Narcissus Mazzard
Narcissus Broomhill
Narcissus Corfin
Narcissus Medusa
Narcissus Curlylocks
Narcissus Hyperbole

Narcissus Royal Mail in the Field

Royal Mail is a historic 2 Y-O that lightens in the open sun, is never loud or brassy, rather silvery and golden at the same time. Blooms out of the leaves, blooms together and with a consistent height. A field of glory in the afternoon sun.

Miniature Daffodils

Our full catalog closes in six weeks

Please order before July 4, 2022 to have access to our full catalog of daffodil bulbs. After that time we will have some inventory available, but what it will be catch as catch can. If you would like to top off an existing order. please call, text or send an email.

Thanks for reading. 

C.W. Harley 

Huntington, CT. 5/25/2022

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