Our 2022 list is now online.

New and returning Daffodils 

 We have added 64 cultivars so far this year, with a few more to be confirmed in the next week or so. There are new releases, historics and rare daffodils that are being added to the list for the first time or are coming out of retirement. You will find them at https://www.qdaffs.us/new-and-returning

 As always this catalog closes on July 4th. After that we will have a much smaller list available for fall delivery. 

 New Software 

We have all new eCommerce software this year. We think that it is a big improvement and hope that you find the same. The first thing we ask our dear users to do is to Reset their Password. All of your historical and demographic has been moved to the new system, with the exception of your password. So please reset your password at first log in and all manner of things will become possible. 

 Other features that you may notice when logged in:

  1. Improved My Favorites list. 
  2. You can save your cart(s) for later use. 
  3. You can convert a saved cart or favorites list to an order. 
  4. You can review previous orders. 
  5. You can securely store your card number. 
  6. You can message us securely from the website. You can attach a file to your inquiry. Your message will be saved with your other account information.


Bulbs on Sabbatical

We have added a new category: on Sabbatical; comprising cultivars that are in the nursery but that are not being offered for sale this year. We regularly cycle bulbs in and out of the list to let the stocks regenerate. Customers often want to refer to daffodils that they are growing – purchased from us in previous years. We often need to be reminded about the availability of items, and a page not found error is never very helpful. Hopefully this is more clarifying than confusing. Please do not ask to order these items marked Not For Sale, because we really really don’t have them for this year. 


Catalog text files takeaways 

Text links to catalog

There are purportedly right-brained people and left-brained people, but please don’t ask us whom is which: Some like pictures, some like words. So if you prefer a text-based version of our catalog that you can print out or save on your computer or phone, we have that ready for you. 

 Scroll all the way down to the footer. On the lower left corner of the page are links to a .pdf and a .xls version of the Qdaffs catalog. Right click and download or open in a new window. 

Hot water treatment gets on the wagon 

Hot water treatment is a sanitary procedure for bulbs that most daffodil lovers will never find fun or necessary. But we see hot water treatment discussed on Daffnet and other forums. So we found this link interesting, (it's in Dutch) https://assets.kavb.nl/docs/d5199961-5a56-490d-b4cf-00ba0b65f862.pdf, about a dry heat treatment (Heetstookprotocol narcis) that is being developed in the Netherlands to replace the traditional hot water treatment (warmwaterbehandeling). Narcissus growers joined in the consortium pay an acreage fee to finance the project. 

 Here’s the protocol: 

  1.  5 days preheating at 36°C 
  2.  Moisten bulbs with foaming agent and water 
  3.  Keep moist for 24 hours 
  4. Dry off in 12 hours and heat up to 44°C 
  5. 48 hours hot air treatment at 44°C 

We have a saying “in the Netherlands everything is managed." We are glad that they are managing this. 

Miniature Daffodils

Vanity Plates 

We are much too frugal to spring for a vanity plate that say NARCISSUSRUS, or DAFFY-DILL. But we enjoy the hunt for the very short auto-biographies of others.

Gezellig is a Dutch word that translates as “intimate” but is commonly used to describe a good feeling of friendship, niceness, camaraderie, and bonhomie. We would like to think that these drivers may also be daffodilians.


Thanks for Reading.
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January 22,2022

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