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Newsletter May 25, 2020

Hawera and StainlessTeddy Bears

Topiary in the time of Quarantine

We recently had the pleasure and the privilege to tour by invitation Green Animals Topiary Garden in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The garden, maintained by the Preservation Society of Newport County, is a compact seven acres overlooking Narragansett Bay. Set back away from the main road on a regal setting there is a constant ocean breeze. Closed to the public this spring due to Covid-19, the gem-like garden is immaculately manicured by a staff of employees and volunteers under the direction of the able and charming chief horticulturist Daniel Christina.

Green Animals is also the most recent addition to the list of approved American Daffodil Society Display Gardens. Dan is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable daffodil collector drawing varieties from many sources and divisions.

The staff at Green Animals is ready to reopen the well-tended garden on a moment's notice. Besides 80 or so pieces of topiary constructed of an amalgam of boxwood, privet and yew there are formal and informal collections of daffodils, tulips, dahlias and a lovely and extensive vegetable garden including artichokes,asparagus,lettuces, hops,tomatoes and herbs. The garden has an educational bent and normally hosts educational hands on programs for schoolchildren throughout the year. A truly great and magical American garden, if you ever get a chance to visit.

Urban Gardening and Your EWB

This recent study Is gardening associated with greater happiness of urban residents? from the Twin-Cities measures the effect of gardening on the Emotional Well Being (EWB) of individuals in urban areas. Vegetable gardening is apparently even more rewarding than ornamentals. Hmm. Who knew there was a study for this ? 

Further consolidation in commercial daffodil growing.

During our trip to the Lentetuin flower show in Breezand this February we were rocked, as was the bulb industry, by the news that the grower Firma Veul is exiting the bulb business. If you have attended an American Daffodil Society national show in the last decade you would have likely encountered Frans Veul Sr. Frans is a tireless top quality grower and advocate for Dutch grown daffodils in the American market. He grew an incredible volume of really interesting daffodils over the years. Firma Veul was a grower of the Jersey Lace and had some nice seedlings from it. We will miss his selections and wish Frans the best in retirement.

Frans Veul Jr and Sr

Frans Veul, Jr & Sr, side by side at their last flowershow in February, 2020.

QDaffs US Introduction Week

We would like to thank all of the notable customers who have shown support, interest and placed orders with Qdaffs in our first week of business. We aim to please and deliver really terrific cultivars and species to the US market. Not only are we the smallest bulb company in the US, but we also have the shortest sales season. Our ordering window ends July 4th. If you haven't placed an order we invite you too look around and see if you find a new friend.

Feedback from users: If there is a sold out item in your cart it needs to be removed before you can check out.

Highlights from the Collection

The Godfather 

The Godfather

Those that collect miniature daffodils are a particular and happy bunch. I wonder what constituency exists for the opposite end of the spectrum. The Godfather (2 W-Y) is made for them. He is simply the biggest Dom daffodil you will ever see, with a bloom that is fully five and half inches across. A commanding presence in the garden with a soft colored baroque bloom that is very long lasting and of great substance.

From the landscape to the bench.

We are happy to be able to include the terrific daffodil High Society (2 W-GWP) on our list. High Society has a record of success on the bench both in the US and the UK.

We first became familiar with High Society as a landscape daffodil about ten years ago. It lives up to the name, colonizes well, has a terrific white color that stands out at a distance and has a very vertical habit. In the past, I have installed several large plantings that continue to be extremely perennial, long lasting and jaw-dropping every year.

Large commercial growers dropped for it for two reasons, I think. It never found a wide acceptance in the landscape and  because it makes a very large bulb. When High Society arrived at the warehouse it was so heavy and bulky that it had only half the number of bulbs on the pallet as compared to other varieties. It remains one of my all time favorites.  High Society in the landscape, Connecticut.

GloriousShow pot of Glorious in the Netherlands

The Tazetta Glorious caught my eye as it was being prepped for inclusion in the Hortus Bulborum exhibit at the Lentetuin show in Breezand, NL early this spring . Its broad and bright perianth really distinguishes itself apart from other tazettas. The sharp and bright cup completes the chorus-like appeal of this historic.

FlomayFlomay with a pen

Flomay (7 W-WWP) is a petite, historic, miniature, Alec Gray jonquil that is as cute as a button with a color as delicate as any daffodil can be. Opens cream but retains a thread of a pink rim as it whitens.

Lanarth (Pre-1927)Lanarth in the Nursery

Lanarth (7 Y-O) is a jonquil that is distinguished by its stature, clear rich yellow color and beautifully rounded one two punch in the form of the cup and petals. Presents itself so well as a floriferous mass in the garden. Historic.

Wishing you all the best for you and your gardens, Have a safe Memorial Day with a high EWB quotient.

May 22, 2020
Huntington Connecticut

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