September Shipping Report

Shipping Report 

What's happier than a daffodil on its way to your house? Perhaps you see your order amongst these lovingly packed daffodils. Bedankt Jacqueline! 

 Order Fulfillment, Burgerbrug, North Holland, August 27. 

 Delays in harvesting and transit have caught up with our bulbs. There are delays at Port Newark, also. Our earlier bravado has turned to a more likely ship date, several days after 10/11. Alas, Hurricane Sam appears headed for the shipping lanes. More updates to follow. 

Hurricane Same

Hurricane Sam 

Possible tracks of Hurricane Sam. 

 Strength in Numbers

Narcissus Woodstar 

Triandrus Daffodil Woodstar Woodstar, 5 Y-YWW

 This season, we are shipping 306 varieties to 36 states and the District of Columbia. We are proud to be able to bring such a range of cultivars to the States and happy to have found them good homes. Thanks for the terrific orders. 

Woodstar, 5 Y-YWW, is again a most favored and most ordered daffodil. 

 Call of the Wild 

Tsim Ganica 

Tsim Ganica, April 21, 2019

 It's not often that a singular, separate species of tulip comes to market. Tschimganica (Tsim Ganica) is such a tulip. It has struggled to find a place in the market. Stunning in form and markings it is a "Botanical" tulip that is good in the pot and lovely in the low bed. Many of the other botanical tulips, Kaufmannianas and Greigiis, have slowly drifted away from the market. Decidedly not a daffodil but we feel a kinship with the underdog, especially one so stunning. Colorblends lists it. Probably last and final boarding call.

Thanks for reading

C.W. Harley

Huntington, CT

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