Shipping Report 2022

Bulbs in Transit

September 29, 2022

As the Netherlanders say, “Ja, Dat is a topper !”

Filling the trays in the field

Daffodil Packing house

A highly organized packing house.

Qdaffs orders have been dug, sorted, graded, inspected, packed, and are now in transit from Rotterdam.

Expect your bulbs to arrive at your door via UPS

between October 10th and the 15th.

You will receive an email with a tracking number the evening your bulbs ship.

If you requested a later ship date, we will meet that request.

I had been anticipating an earlier date. Hopefully this will be in time for your fall planting schedules.

Thanks for your orders and continued support.

Daffodils and the art of the smile

Photographers needed a trick. Photographers needed a trick to capture their subjects alert and smiling. Early on they discovered a trick, a stuffed birdie on a stick to surprise and delight their subjects.

“Watch the birdie” became widespread.

The introduction of flexible film by Kodak democratized photography. The camera was portable and ubiquitous — the birdie on the stick was suddenly dated and a bit cheesy.

FDR is credited with introducing the politician’s trick of saying “cheese” to appear at one’s best in a photograph. A hard ‘C’ sound combined with a long front-of-the-mouth vowel brought out the best of everyone’s smile world-round. And it helped to show off all of those improvements in 20th century dental hygiene.

Now an anachronism, Korean brides were once encouraged to refrain from smiling at their weddings – tradition says that if the bride smiles the first child will be a girl.

France: "Dites 'ouistiti'!" (marmoset monkey), alt “Dites ‘cerises’” (cherries)

Korea : ‘gimchi’ .

Netherlands: ‘Lach eens naar het vogeltje!’ ( Smile at the birdie)

Spain : ‘Sonrian’, alt ‘Whiskey’

US: “Say ‘Cheese’”.

Trumpet Narcissus Say Cheese

Say Cheese is a 1 Y-Y van der Veek seedling that is diminutive and spirited. Face uplifted with a deeply lobed and frilly corona, Say Cheese will bring out the best in anyone who sees it in your garden. An intermediate of substance and charm, it is good in the rock garden, in pot culture, or a nosegay. Included in your shipment as a thank you.

Say Gimchi !

Trumpet Narcissus Say Cheese
Trumpet Narcissus Say Cheese

Christopher Harley

Huntington, Connecticut

September 29, 2022

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