Terms & Conditions

Please note the minimum order quantity per variety. Minimum order is $30 plus shipping.

If you want to supplement an existing order just let us know. Minimums will not apply.

We kindly request orders be placed before July 4, 2020. Digging starts in July in the Netherlands.

Shipping charges are  $18 per order, per address. Payment is by check or Credit card or PayPal via the website.

PayPal and credit cards will be charged on the date the order is placed.

Shipping will be via Fedex.

All bulbs will ship in mid October. We will notify you by email of the ship date in prior to shipment. 

This is an agricultural product, some of which can be very finicky.  While all bulbs are inspected and packed by hand it is possible that health issues may develop during shipment. If there is a supply problem after harvest, we will notify you and issue a refund. We DO NOT substitute. We have NEVER intentionally mislabeled a bulb and take the utmost precautions in packing. We guarantee all varities to be true to name.

If you receive any bulbs that are not viable please notify us in October and we will issue a refund. In case there is a miss-pick or a mis-shipment please contact us and we will correct the issue, when possible, or issue a refund.