Daffodil Pots in North Holland

The Daffodil is the hardest working flower in all of floraculture.

Daffodils excel in all categories: in the bed, in the vase, on the exhibition bench, for breeding, for perfume. The breadth and beauty of the genus is awe inspiring, bringing joy and opulence to the Spring season. So many reasons to love them and we do.

We list hundreds of rare, historic, novel, competition, miniature, and species bulbs that are grown in North Holland and shipped from the States. Most you won’t find anywhere else.

Daffodil Nursery in North Holland

All bulbs are grown in the Netherlands and shipped to you in October. We guarantee all bulbs to be true to name, healthy and viable.

The entire catalog is available for order through July 4. After that we aim to offer a smaller, selected list available for order through the fall.

Thanks for browsing and ordering at Qdaffs. Enjoy your time in the garden.

For the best selection please order before July 4. After that date the full catalog will close and a smaller select list will be available through the fall.

Ordering with us

  • Returning Customers : please reset your password. This is a new system which has your account information but requires a password reset for security.
  • Minimum order $50.
  • Returning Customers may pay at checkout, by mail, or store their card under their account.
  • You may add-on to your order by phone or email before July 4th rather than placing a new order.
  • Orders cancelled after July 4th 2022 may incur a 25% restocking fee.
  • All orders will be shipped early October 2022 via UPS ground. Or later as requested.
  • We DO NOT substitute. We may suggest an alternative where indicated.
  • We guarantee all bulbs to be true-to-name. We guarantee all bulbs to be free from disease, viable and of blooming size.

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“Bulbs: they light up your yard without any electricity!”

Bill the Bulb Baron Welch

We think it's a shame to throw them away so we just keep on growing them. ”

Carlos van der Veek

Big Daffodil bulbs for sale

“Every year new forms become available, extending the already lengthy daffodil season.The season begins with me before Christmas , with a little white petticoat, and lasts well through April. Of all the little bulbs, the flowers of these miniatures are the most endearingly diminutive, the most daintily perfect in proportion, and the most delicate in color. When they are in bloom I feel as if I could not stop looking at them for a moment, and when they are gone I am almost ashamed of the sharpness of my regret.”

Elizabeth Lawrence, The Little Bulbs, 1957.

Narcissus : from the Greek "Narkao" meaning "numbness or torpor".

Daffodil : from Old English "affodyle" for "That which comes early".

Some Selected Cultivars :

Amore Mio Amore Mio 7 W-P
Aviva Aviva 1 W-W
Capisco Capisco 3 W-GYR
Dallas Dallas 3 W-GWW
Dunkeld Dunkeld 2 Y-O
Gay Kybo Gay Kybo 4 W-O
Hartlebury Hartlebury 3 W-ORR
Henriquesii Henriquesii 13 Y-Y
Petit Four Petit Four 4 W-PPY
Rouge Rouge 2 Y-O
Roundita Roundita 1 Y-Y
Shrike Shrike 11a W-P
Sissy Sissy 6 Y-Y
Twink Twink 4 Y-O

Recent Posts

  • Additions to our 2022 list, Fragrance, & Pressed Flowers

    Additions to our 2022 list, Fragrance, & Pressed Flowers

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  • Our 2022 list is now online.

    Our 2022 list is now online.

     We have added 64 cultivars so far this year, with a few more to be confirmed in the next week or so. There are new releases, historics and rare daffodils that are being added to the list for the first time or are coming out of retirement. You will find them at https://www.qdaffs.us/new-and-returning

     As always this catalog closes on July 4th. After that we will have a much smaller list available for fall delivery. 

  • 2021 Shipping Debrief

    2021 Shipping Debrief

    The Dutch word for gifts comes from the French "cadeaux".

    We have included some thank you bulbs, gratis, in each shipment. Most customers this year received several bulbs of  Bobby Soxer An Alec Gray cross of N.rupicola and N.poeticus. Often compared to his wildly successful Sun Disc , but in our estimation freer and more colorful. Gets a late season teenage growth spurt. If you swoon like a Bobby Soxer over Frank Sinatra you will also swoon over this little flower.

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