“I was a first time buyer last year and I was SO IMPRESSED by the health and size of your bulbs! Its been a pleasantly chilly winter for us and a few of your bulbs are just now waking up.”

“Additionally your packaging last year was very much appreciated after many deliveries showing up in a disastrous state. The anticipation of flowers ... keeps my spirits up during these rough times.”

A.P., California

For the best selection please order before July 4.

“It's a daffodil lovers dream !”

J.K. Pennsylvania

“Imagine my surprise at the excellent quality of the bulbs, many of them double-nose. ”

A.H. Idaho.

Our Guarantee

  • We guarantee all bulbs to be true-to-name.
  • We guarantee all bulbs to be free from disease, viable and of blooming size.

Daffodil Nursery in North Holland

Welcome to our 2023 catalog; it is our largest offering of daffodils to date. Over 500 varieties. It is a lengthy list; we have improved the categories to help you find what you are looking for. If you log in you can make a saved favorites list.

We have been called the “Candy shop of Daffodils”.

Q Daffs exists to provide hard-to-find cultivars direct to American gardeners. Not only do we list many excellent varieties for competition, we offer large selections of daffodils for the landscape, for the cut flower grower, for breeding, species, miniatures and historics.

We are proud to offer many more American bred daffodils this year, notably from Walter Blom and Bill Welch. The bulbocodium list is the largest we think that you will find anywhere, as with Historics and Miniatures.

Our daffodils are grown in the Netherlands and shipped to you in October from Connecticut. All are guaranteed to be healthy, of blooming size, and true-to-name.

We have added a “Country of Origin” category for those times when country is required in a national show entry. Each daffodil page now has a hot link to its entry in Daffseek, just below the attributes table, labeled “This daffodil in Daffseek”.

We have taken a shot at our first Daffodil Planting and Culture Guide available here .

There is a spreadsheet version of the list and a printable PDF catalog available for download from links in the footer of this page.

Thanks for gardening with QDaffs.us in our fourth year.

Choice & Miniature Bulbs U.K.

QDaffs is now the exclusive agent for Choice and Miniature daffodil bulbs in the United States.

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Ordering with QDaffs

  • Minimum order $50.
  • Call or email for add-ons before July 4.
  • We ship UPS from Connecticut.
  • Your bulbs will ship in October.
  • Best selection before July 4

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Daffodils Blooms, some vivisected.

“Every year new forms become available, extending the already lengthy daffodil season.The season begins with me before Christmas , with a little white petticoat, and lasts well through April. Of all the little bulbs, the flowers of these miniatures are the most endearingly diminutive, the most daintily perfect in proportion, and the most delicate in color. When they are in bloom I feel as if I could not stop looking at them for a moment, and when they are gone I am almost ashamed of the sharpness of my regret.”

Elizabeth Lawrence, The Little Bulbs, 1957.

Narcissus : from the Greek "Narkao" meaning "numbness or torpor".

Daffodil : from Old English "affodyle" for "That which comes early".

Arkle Arkle 1 Y-Y
Capisco Capisco 3 W-GYR
Heamoor Heamoor 4 Y-Y
Littlefield Littlefield 7 O-GOO
Shrike Shrike 11a W-P

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